Reproduce In Code

Multi-Point EQ

Reproduction of *Multiple-point equalization of room transfer functions by using common acoustical poles* by Haneda, Y., Makino, S., & Kaneda, Y. (1997)

On Musical Dissonance

Reproduction of *Local consonance and the relationship between timbre and scale* by Sethares, W. in J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 94(3), 1218 - 1228, 1993

Endless Sounds and Circular Convolution

Commentary on *Creating endless sounds* by Vesa Välimäki, Jussi Rämö, and Fabián Esqueda

Proportional Parametric EQ

Reproduction of *All About Audio Equalization: Solutions and Frontiers* by V. Välimäki and J. Reiss

Real matrix logarithm

Algorithm from *Computing real logarithm of a real matrix* by Sherif, N., & Morsy, E. in International Journal of Algebra, 2008

Fast Characteristic Polynomial

Algorithm from *La Budde's Method For Computing Characteristic Polynomials* by Rizwana Rehman and Ilse C.F. Ipsen

Near Field Model

Reproduction of *Distance rendering and perception of nearby virtual sound sources with a near-field filter model* by S. Spagnol, E. Tavazzi, and F. Avanzini





Reproduce In Code

This is a collection of posts which aims at reproducing plots and data from papers.