Thesis and Projects

Available theses, research and artistic projects, and student jobs that are offered by our research group are listed below. Please get in touch with the named contact person if you are interested in one of the available topics. Please include a statement of interest, curriculum vitae, and transcripts in your application.

The T/D/E column indicates the balance between Theory, Development, and Evaluation work.

Master Thesis

Optimized Feedback Delay NetworksTechnical70/20/10in progressSebastian J. Schlecht
Artificial Reverberation for 6DoF Augmented RealityTechnical40/40/20openSebastian J. Schlecht
Interactive Sound Synthesis for Virtual RealityTechnical30/40/30openSebastian J. Schlecht
Mixed Reality Auditory PerceptionPerceptual30/40/30openSebastian J. Schlecht
Room Acoustic Parameter Identification with Loudspeaker ArraysTechnical40/40/20openSebastian J. Schlecht
Augmented Reality MuralArtistic40/40/20in progressSebastian J. Schlecht
Continuation Methods for Modal AnalysisTechnical70/20/10openSebastian J. Schlecht
Sound in Collaborative Virtual EnvironmentsTechnical40/40/20openSebastian J. Schlecht
Room Acoustics in WebAudio and WebXRTechnical40/40/20openSebastian J. Schlecht

Student Jobs

Spatial Audio Plugins for Unity and WwiseSoftware20/60/20completedSebastian J. Schlecht
Photogrammetry of Acoustics Labs3D Model20/60/20in progressSebastian J. Schlecht
Virtual Planetarium: Unity for VRUnity20/60/20in progressSebastian J. Schlecht
Virtual Planetarium: Sound Design and CompositionSound20/60/20in progressSebastian J. Schlecht

Research and Artistic Projects

Building a Mixed-Order LoudspeakerTechnical20/50/30in progressNils Meyer-Kahlen
Where are you in the room?Perceptual20/50/30in progressNils Meyer-Kahlen
Implementation of a MIMO Time-varying ConvolutionTechnical10/80/10in progressThomas McKenzie
Encyclopedia of Artificial ReverberatorsTechnical20/50/30in progressSebastian J. Schlecht
Hide and seek - VR Audio Multiplayer Game for Oculus QuestDesign20/60/20openSebastian J. Schlecht
VR Avatars - Audio-Visual Spatial Capturing of an ActorDesign20/60/20openSebastian J. Schlecht
Spatial Sound for VR PlanetariumArtistic20/60/20openSebastian J. Schlecht
In-out/out-in: Sound Piece for Mixed-Order LoudspeakerArtistic30/50/20openSebastian J. Schlecht
Altered Space: Sound Piece for Virtual AcousticsArtistic30/50/20openSebastian J. Schlecht
Sound of Self in Virtual RealityArtistic30/50/20openSebastian J. Schlecht
Headphones for Mixed RealityTechnical20/40/40openNils Meyer-Kahlen
Auditorily-Induced Vection in VRPerceptual20/60/20openThomas McKenzie
Virtual Acoustics Lab: Audio Game Engines in VRDesign20/50/30openSebastian J. Schlecht
Time-Varying Feedback SystemsTechnical20/60/20openSebastian J. Schlecht
Building a DIY AR Glass and Testing Audio AugmentationTechnical20/50/30openSebastian J. Schlecht
Implementation of Scattering Delay NetworksTechnical20/50/30completedSebastian J. Schlecht
Near-Field Binaural RenderingTechnical20/50/30completedSebastian J. Schlecht

Initiative project proposal in the area of spatial audio and virtual reality can be sent to Prof. Sebastian J. Schlecht