Apparatus and method for generating output signals based on an audio source signal, sound reproduction system and loudspeaker signal


An apparatus for generating a first multitude of output signals based on at least one audio source signal comprising a delay network and a feedback processor. The delay network comprises a second multitude of delay paths, each delay path having a delay line and an attenuation filter. Each delay line is configured for delaying delay line input signals and for combining the at least one audio source signal and a reverberated audio signal to obtain a combined signal, wherein the attenuation filter of a delay path is configured for filtering the combined signal from the delay line of the delay path to obtain an output signal. The first multitude of output signals comprises the output signal. The feedback processor is configured for reverberating the first multitude of output sig- nals to obtain a third multitude of the reverberated audio signals comprising the reverberated audio signal.

Patent, WO 2016 / 071206 A1