Grouped Feedback Delay Networks with Frequency-Dependent Coupling


Feedback Delay Networks are one of the most popular and efficient means of generating artificial reverberation. Recently, we proposed the Grouped Feedback Delay Network (GFDN), which couples multiple FDNs while maintaining system stability. The GFDN can be used to model reverberation in coupled spaces that exhibit multi-stage decay. The block feedback matrix determines the inter- and intra-group coupling. In this paper, we expand on the design of the block feedback matrix to include frequency-dependent coupling among the various FDN groups. We show how paraunitary feedback matrices can be designed to emulate diffraction at the aperture connecting rooms. Several methods for the construction of nearly paraunitary matrices are investigated. The proposed method supports the efficient rendering of virtual acoustics for complex room topologies in games and XR applications.

IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing