Light Design

Light Design

Together with fellow musician, Joda Foerster, I have founded in 2012 light design collective LötKrft, Berlin.

The goal of LötKrft was to develop live light shows for independent music bands, which are generative and reactive, as well as practical for extensive touring. The work was primarily informed by DIY practices, sourced readily available materials, electronics and software into an expressive tool for musicians. The light components were simple geometric forms to emphasize the choreographic connection to live music. The controls were fully automated and pre-designed per song such that they function reactively to the real-time live performance and without the additional intervention of a light technician.

Like Lovers (2014)

David Lemaitre (2013)

We Invented Paris (2014)

Associate Professor for Signal Processing

My research interests include the virtual- and psychoacoustics, physical modeling and the design of virtual worlds.