Inside the Quartet

Inside the Quartet is a study of musical intimacy and communication. It, therefore, translates naturally to virtual reality with a brand new way of expression. The virtual scenery, both visually and sonically, is captured with precise technology to bring the spectator directly into the musical circle. For this, the capture combines 360 video and audio live recordings with acoustic and photographic reconstructions of the space. In particular, we are excited to explore the interaction between music and space in such an intimate and close setting. We hope to share the rare opportunity to see the language of music at work and give insight into this old art form.

Inside the Quartet is a collaboration between Kamus Quartet, Meidän Festivaali and Aalto Acoustics Lab and Media Lab.

Recording setup at Ainola, Finland
Recording setup at Ainola, Finland

Press Release

Associate Professor for Signal Processing

My research interests include the virtual- and psychoacoustics, physical modeling and the design of virtual worlds.