Feedback Delay Network Toolbox (FDNTB)

Feedback delay networks (FDNs) are recursive filters, which are widely used for artificial reverberation and decorrelation. While there exists a vast literature on a wide variety of reverb topologies, this work aims to provide a unifying framework to design and analyze delay-based reverberators. To this end, we present the Feedback Delay Network Toolbox (FDNTB), a collection of the MATLAB functions and example scripts. The FDNTB includes various representations of FDNs and corresponding translation functions. Further, it provides a selection of special feedback matrices, topologies, and attenuation filters. In particular, more advanced algorithms such as modal decomposition, time-varying matrices, and filter feedback matrices are readily accessible. Furthermore, our toolbox contains several additional FDN designs. Providing MATLAB code under a GNU-GPL 3.0 license and including illustrative examples, we aim to foster research and education in the field of audio processing.

Presentation at 23rd International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx2020)

Associate Professor for Signal Processing

My research interests include the virtual- and psychoacoustics, physical modeling and the design of virtual worlds.