A4 - Escape Room

Escape Room in VR


  • Create an escape room experience
  • Prototype world assets
  • Add various user interfaces and interactions
  • Add simple game logic


Here you can find the solution app. Download the .apk file and test it in the Quest for reference.

Additional Material

Point List (max 5 points)

  • Escape room world with at least 3 objects (0.5 point)
  • At least one canvas UI (0.5 point)
  • At least three diegetic user interactions (1 point)
  • Add game logic (1 point)
  • Extra task


Setup VR

  • Setup XR Interaction Toolkit
  • Add XR Origin (Device-based)
  • Add Probuilder package

Create App

Build World

  • Add room, add teleportation area
  • Add table with drawer
  • Add door with handle
  • Add lamp
  • Add display
  • Add button with switch
  • Add hint for the door + balls
  • LightSetting



  • Add canvas UI to display object
  • Add background music
  • Control music volume and on/off with canvas


  • Make table drawer moveable
  • Make door moveable


  • Make button pressable
  • Add color change and activation sound

Game Logic

  • Make an escape room puzzle
  • Fail and Win Condition
  • At least 1 obstacle to overcome (like the door in the example)


  • Add Avatar
  • Add Mirror
  • Add Hand Animation (optional)
  • Add Voice Mod (optional)

Extra Task

  • Add sound design to table drawers and door (0.5 point)
  • Add inertia to the drawer and door (0.5 point)
  • Add more puzzles (1-2 points)
  • Add robot avatar (1 point)