Introduction to XR Interaction Toolkit

Notes on versions:

  • The videos use Unity 2019.4.26 and the XR Interaction Toolkit 0.10.0-preview.7. Newer version of the toolkit has different options for the prefabs in the context menu. We recommend using 2022.3.8 with XR Interaction Toolkit 2.4.3.

XR Interaction Toolkit Overview

More information on XR Interaction Toolkit | XR Interaction Toolkit and Samples | XR Interaction Toolkit.

Ray Interactor

The newer Unity version has a very similar setup. The Starter Asset XR Origin has already everything connected.

Direct Interactor

Socket Interactor

Socket Spawner

Hide Controller On Select

The Starter Asset has already controller 3D models attached. Thus, there is no need to create the simple hands.

Attach Transform

Unity Events

Unity Events Overview

Here, you can find the manual.

Scripting Unity Events

The link to the manual on scripting unity events.

Haptic and Sound Events


Custom Inputs from XR Controllers

The new Input System is action-based. To define new actions, we define a custom action map.