Hello World

Introduction to Unity for VR

Some videos are recorded with Unity 2019.4. Please follow the videos using instead Unity 2022.3.8. Differences between those version are noted below the videos.

Unity Overview

Please, also see the manual on Unity’s Interface.

Create Objects

Please, also see the manual on Hierarchy window and Game Objects.

Coordinate System, Transforms, and Scales

Unity 3D uses a left-handed, y-up world coordinate system. If you’re familiar with other 3D software, it is helpful how the coordinate systems differ.

Please, also see the manual on Transforms.



Please, also see the manual on Components and Using Components.


Please, also see the manual on Prefabs.


Please, also see the manual on Materials.


The most important Audio objects are Audio Clip, Audio Source, and Audio Listener.

Download the hello world sample from this video.

This is optional as it needs high tech-specs and a windows machine. You can find the instructions here.

Virtual Hello World

Now, we are ready to create our first hello world VR scene. We install the XR Plugin Management System and Open XR. Please, also see the manual on Configuring your Unity Project for XR. We install the latest version of the XR Interaction Toolkit and the Starter Asset.

To save some time, we use the XR Interaction Setup prefab in the Starter Asset.

On the XR Origin object, set “Tracking Origin Mode” to “Floor”, see also.

And here is the final build (which you can also download here.)