Getting Started

Setup Quest

Create a Meta Quest Developer Account. This only requires an email address and a phone number for 2 Factor Authentication. You do not need it to be connected to any Facebook account or credit card.

Install the Meta Quest (Oculus) mobile app on your phone and sign in with your Meta account. We provide you with Quests that are already in the factory reset state, which need to be setup by pairing with a mobile app.

Then Enable Developer Mode. You can create a new organization for yourself.

Install SideQuest

Occasionally, it is convenient to transfer programs and data from your PC to the Quest or vice versa. Please install SideQuest Advanced version (not Easy version). See also How To Sideload Using SideQuest.

For testing Sidequest

Developer Tools

  • Disable Guardians in Quest under Settings -> Developer.

Explore the Quest App Store

You can find many interesting VR apps in the Quest store or SideQuest store for free download. Explore the store and try a few different experiences. Then, pick your favorite and make a brief post about it in the Slack channel.