A1 - Learning Unity

Setup Unity

Find here the System Requirements.

First, let’s Install Unity.

In particular:

  • Install Unity Hub
  • Install 2019.4.40 or higher (LTS)
  • Install Android SDKs

Get Started with Unity

Every programming language has idiosyncracies, depending on your previous background, some structures are intuitive and some others are confusing. Unity has a well-maintainted manual; make it your habit to read it. It saves time!

Read an overview of Unity here Get Started with Unity

Learn about Unity’s interface Read about Asset workflow In particular:

  • Common types of assets
  • Using the Asset Store

Creating Gameplay

There is much more useful information in this manual, but this is the basic overview of Unity. This is your main resource of information, so please come back regularly if you have questions.

Assignment and Material

Point List (max 5 points)

  • Lab 3 runs and is feature-complete (1 point)
  • Lab 4 runs and is feature-complete (2 point)
  • Lab 5 runs and is feature-complete (2 point)


As many course participants have little background in Unity, the first assignment is to work through an online course to get up-to-speed with Unity and simple C# scripting.

The course material can be found here Create with Code.

If you’re a new to Unity and coding, we recommend that you watch all material and work along with the exercises. If you’re familiar with Unity, you can directly skip ahead (in particular skip the lessons) to the assignment tasks.

For the assignment deliverable, solve three lab exercises

In MyCourses submit the following deliverables

  • A compiled build of Lab 3, Lab 4, and Lab 5
  • A video walkthrough of the three exercises showing all relevant functionality. You can create such a walkthrough for example with the screen recording of Zoom.
  • A short .txt file labeled readme includes any information about the build you want us to know. Especially mention implemented extra tasks/functionalities.

Alternative Submission Format

It is also possible to submit only one project (combined Lab 3 to 5) with all the features. The grading is as below:

Assignment 1 - Grading (each 0.5 points)

  • Create PlayerController
  • Basic movement from user input
  • Constrain the Player’s movement
  • Give objects basic movement
  • Destroy objects off-screen
  • Handle object collisions
  • Make SpawnManager spawn Prefabs
  • Replace player with new asset
  • Replace all non-player primitives
  • Replace the background texture