L3 - Custom Locomotion

Custom Locomotion

Simple Input Values using Unity’s XR Toolkit

More Flexible Input Value Script

The following script gives easy access to all controller inputs (written by Markus Kirjonen)

CustomXRInput in Editor
CustomXRInput in Editor

Arm Swinging Locomotion

I did some mistakes with the inheritance of the controller variable. Here you find the correct version to access those variables.

Movement Vignette

Additional material for this video

The shaders is adapted from Camera Effect Shaders in Unity. Another vignette effect techniques is explained in Using Unity’s URP Vignette with VR Locomotion. However, instead of using the Universal Rendering Pipeline (URP), you can get a similar effect with Post Processing v2.

Grab Inertia Locomotion

There is a potential bug in this code. The controller velocity should be computed before the lastPosition is updated. Best to call GetControllerVelocity in the Update function and store the value in a private variable until needed.

Climbing Movement (optional)

Tutorial on Climbing in VR

World-Scale Locomotion