L2 - Interactivity

Introduction to XR Interaction Toolkit

Notes on versions:

  • The videos use Unity 2019.4.26 and the XR Interaction Toolkit 0.10.0-preview.7. Newer version of the toolkit has different options for the prefabs in the context menu.
  • If you use Unity 2020.x.x., you need the newest XR Interaction Toolkit (>= 1.0.0-pre.6). Otherwise the game will only start in a little screen that stays black.

XR Interaction Toolkit Overview

More information on XR Interaction Toolkit | XR Interaction Toolkit and Samples | XR Interaction Toolkit.

Interactor and Interactables Overview

Tutorial on Using Interactors and Interactables with the XR Interaction Toolkit

Ray Interactor

Direct Interactor

Socket Interactor

Socket Spawner

Hide Controller On Select

Add Quest Touch Controllers

Download the touch controller 3d models.

Attach Transform


Unity Events

Unity Events Overview


Scripting Unity Events


Haptic and Sound Events

Additional Material

Inherit from Grab Interactable

This tutorial requires a little more understanding of object inheritance, thus it is optional.

Related tutorial is How to use Controller Velocity in Unity XR.