L1 - Debugging

How to Debug in Unity for VR

When you program, things go wrong. Thus, like in any programming task, it is essential to learn how to debug effectively. Depending on the environment in which you are debugging, e.g., in the Unity Editor or in the Oculus Quest, different tools are available. Here you find an overview.

Debugging 101


Debug View in Inspector

Attach to Unity

Debugging VR

ADB Bridge

System Requirements

In-game debug window

XR Device Simulator

The XR Device Simulator requires the action-based version of the XR interaction objects such as the XR Rig. How To Add The XR Device Simulator To Speed Up Development

XR Interaction Debugger


Making Screen Recordings

Here is how to make recordings in Quest. You can talk over the video and demonstrate your issue, which might be much easier to communicate your problem. You can download the video from your Quest via SideQuest.

Oculus Developer Hub

The Oculus Developer Hub offers many tools for developers such as casting, recording, and file transfer. The ODH also can control wireless ADB bridge and turn off guardians.