Getting Started

Setup Quest

First, perform a Factory Reset of the Oculus Quest.

Create an Oculus Developer Account. It seems that it is still possible to NOT connect to a Facebook account and also not require a credit card. What you want is called an unmerged account.

Setup Oculus Quest with the Oculus mobile app.

Then Enable Developer Mode. It seems that it is easiest if you create a new organization.

Setup Unity

Find here the System Requirements.

First, let’s Install Unity.

In particular:

  • Install Unity Hub
  • Install 2019.4.26 or higher (LTS)
  • Install Android SDKs

Install SideQuest

Occasionally, it is convenient to transfer programs and data from your PC to the Quest or vice versa. Please install SideQuest. See also How To Sideload Using SideQuest.

For testing Sidequest

  • Download the 1st assignment reference
  • Open SideQuest and install .apk to Quest.
  • Enter quest; open program under Apps->Unknown Sources-> CodingVirtualWorlds_BeatSaber
  • Open Menu and start recording a short game play video
  • Conncet Quest to PC. Download video from Quest with SideQuest.

Developer Tools

  • Disable Guardians in Quest under Settings -> Developer.