In this section, you can find instructions to familiarize yourself with Unity for VR. There is no timeline for this path, so you can freely allocate your time to go through this material. The expected time needed to go through this material is 10h.

Required Hardware

Parts of this course can be completed without a headset. However, for the full experience of these tutorials, you require an HMD. Although, recent VR frameworks allow more cross-platform development, it is highly recommended to use an Oculus Quest device.

It is possible to complete this course with a windows or a mac. However, windows machine have in general much better support for VR development and are often better equipped in terms of graphics cards.

Get Started with Unity

Every programming language has idiosyncracies, depending on your previous background, some structures are intuitive and some others are confusing. Unity has a well-maintainted manual; make it your habit to read it. It saves time!

Read an overview of Unity here Get Started with Unity

Learn about Unity’s interface Read about Asset workflow In particular:

  • Common types of assets
  • Using the Asset Store

Creating Gameplay

There is much more useful information in this manual, but this is the basic overview of Unity. This is your main resource of information, so please come back regularly if you have questions.

Learning To Code for Non-Coder

Learning to code XR apps can be daunting, especially if you are not from a computer science background. Here is an excellent interview on the path to learning coding with a designer’s mindset.