Additional Material

  • Sculpting

    Adobe Medium Gravity Sketch

  • Communities

    Professional Communities FIVR Women in Immersive Technologies Helsinki XR Center Scientific Conferences IEEE VR SIGGRAPH

  • Publishing

    With Oculus Quest it became much easier to distribute and publish your newest creation. Distribute .apk Of course, the simplest way is to share your app is by sharing the .

  • Unity Tips

    Blogs A collection of programming patterns in Unity Best practices for performance optimization in Unity Improve Aliasing Tools UniRx (Reactive Extensions for Unity) NaughtyAttributes Dictation Recognizer Minis: MIDI Input for New Input System Maestro – Midi Player Tool Kit Tutorial – Ambisonics in Unity Oculus Audio Propagation (Beta) Videos Transforms in Unity New Unity INPUT SYSTEM Everything to know about the PARTICLE SYSTEM Why you should use code to animate your UI in Unity

  • Visual Effects

    Shader Graph Introduction to Shader Graph Tutorial series on Shader Graph Visual Effects Graph Tutorial series on Visual Effects Graph Visual Effects with Hand Tracking How To Apply Forces To VFX Particles With Hand Tracking?

  • Environments

    Environment Creation Unity provides powerful packages which help quickly prototype large landscapes and levels. Please find here a list of various options. Inspirational Reference TODO List of Links MAKING YOUR FIRST LEVEL in Unity with ProBuilder!

  • Additional Learning Material

    Resources Coding VR is a vast world. Here you can find additional links: Unity: Create with Code Design, Develop, and Deploy for VR Podcast discovr design Voices of VR Unity for VR on Youtube There are a few excellent youtubers explaining the core mechanics of XR frameworks