Important Dates

Here’s your roadmap for the semester!

Every class session has four important sections. You should read about the details for each using the main menu at the top of this webpage.

  • Content ( ): This page contains the readings, slides, and recorded lectures for the topic. Read and watch these first each day.
  • Lesson ( ): This page contains an interactive lesson that teaches you the principles and code you need to know. Go through these after doing the content.
  • Example ( ): This page contains fully annotated R code that you can use as a reference for creating your own visualizations. This is only a reference page—you don’t have to necessarily do anything here. Each section also contains videos of me live coding the examples so you can see what it looks like to work with R in real time. This page will be very helpful as you work on your assignments.
  • Assignment ( ): This page contains the instructions for either the session exercise (1–3 brief tasks), or for the two mini projects and final project. Assignments are due by 11:59 PM on the Monday after their corresponding sessions. That’s confusing in sentence form—see the schedule table below to see how it works.

tl;dr: You should follow this general process for each session:

  • Do everything on the content ( ) page
  • Work through the lesson ( ) page
  • Complete the assignment ( ) while referencing the example( )
Mo, 12.12.12Getting Started
Wed, 12.12.12L1: First Scene
Mo, 12.12.12Workshop 1
Wed, 12.12.12L2: Interactivity
Mo, 12.12.12Workshop 2
Wed, 12.12.12L3: Locomotion
Mo, 12.12.12Workshop 3
Wed, 12.12.12L4: Avatars
Mo, 12.12.12Workshop 4
Wed, 12.12.12L5: Multiplayer
Mo, 12.12.12Workshop 5
Wed, 12.12.12Final Presentation

Example Session Wednesday

AdministrationTeacher5 minMain room
Feedback on student feedbackTeacher5 minMain room
Assignment presentationStudents35 minMain room
Break15 min
Assignment reflection, share and discuss solutionsStudents30 minBreakout
Reflection wrap upTeachers5 minMain room
Introduce next assignmentTeachers10 minMain room

Example Session Monday

AdministrationTeacher5 minMain room
Recap on teaching contentTeacher10 minMain room
Group task on teaching contentStudents30 minBreakout
Break15 min
Workshop on new assignmentsStudents30 minBreakout
Q&A wrap upTeachers15 minMain room