Getting Started


In this section, you can find instructions to familiarize yourself with the Unity of VR. There is no timeline for this path, so you can freely allocate your time to go through this material. The expected time needed to go through this material is 10h.


All the tutorials can be completed without a headset. However, for the full experience of these tutorials, you require an HMD. So, either exchange the Oculus Quest device within the group or visit the XR Studio in Otakaari 7. Also, these are intermediate level tutorials and maybe hard to follow for beginners in Unity. This course is not intended to teach you the basics of Unity from scratch. Instead, these tutorials will give you the necessary information to understand how this platform works such that you can meaningfully collaborate with the programmer in your team. Thus, depending on your team’s role, follow these tutorials with appropriate attention to detail as not every team member needs to reproduce the content of these tutorials fully. If you’re interested in learning these techniques from the ground up, please visit the Coding Virtual Worlds course.

Get Started with Unity

Here are a few helpful links. Every programming language has idiosyncracies, depending on your previous background, some structures are intuitive and some others are confusing. Unity has a well-maintainted manual; make it your habit to read it. It saves time!

Read an overview of Unity here Get Started with Unity

Getting started with VR development in Unity

Install Unity

In particular:

  • Install 2020.3.10f1 (LTS)
  • Install Android SDKs

Learn about Unity’s interface Read about Asset workflow In particular:

  • Common types of assets
  • Using the Asset Store

Creating Gameplay

There is much more useful information in this manual, but this is the basic overview of Unity. This is your main resource of information, so please come back regularly if you have questions.

Checklist: You should have now

  • an overview of Unity Editor
  • Installed Unity Hub
  • Install Unity 2020.3.10f1 (LTS), including the Android SDKs



The result of the tutorials can be found on GitHub. If you’re familiar with Git, you can use this project as a basis for your project.

Unity Oculus Quest Development - How To Setup Universal RP With The Oculus Quest?

This tutorial gives a rapid overview of the setup of the Oculus Quest and the XR Interaction Toolkit. Be aware that this tutorial is very fast-paced; however, the next tutorials recap on these a bit slower. The usage of the Universal Rendering Pipeline is nice but optional. You find the tutorial here:

Unity for Beginners

Preparatory steps

  • Create a new scene in your project. In the Template, it’s called VR with Andrew.
  • Add a plane: Hierarchy -> Left Click -> 3D Object -> Plane
  • Add an XR Rig to the scene: Hierarchy -> Left Click -> XR -> Room-Scale XR Rig
  • Change the Scene: Build Settings -> Add New Scene -> Remove Sample Scene

Now, you’re good to go to watch the following videos.

You can find the full video playlist

Notes on the Videos

  • Skip Video 1 & 2 as they contain deprecated information.
  • Video 3: Introduction XR Rig
  • Video 4: Interactors and Interactables
  • Video 5: Note: I used this free asset
  • Video 6: Instantiation. Needs more coding skills
  • Video 7: More involved with coding

Oculus Quest

Android Build

Make a build