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Commentary on Creating endless sounds by Vesa Välimäki, Jussi Rämö, and Fabián Esqueda

Reproduction of All About Audio Equalization: Solutions and Frontiers by V. Välimäki and J. Reiss

Algorithm from Computing real logarithm of a real matrix by Sherif, N., & Morsy, E. in International Journal of Algebra, 2008


Reverberation Enhancement Systems (RES) alter the acoustic of a physical space via controlled electro-acoustic feedback.

This is a collection of posts which aims at reproducing plots and data from papers.


Since the introduction of feedforward-feedback comb allpass filters by Schroeder and Logan, its popularity has not diminished due to …

This paper received the Best Paper Award. Feedback delay networks (FDNs) belong to a general class of recursive filters which are …

The attachment of feedback loops to physical or musical systems enables a large variety of possibilities for the modification of the …