Professor of Sound in VR

Aalto University


Sebastian J. Schlecht is Professor of Practice for Sound in Virtual Reality at the Aalto University, Finland. This position is shared between the Aalto Media Lab and the Aalto Acoustics Lab. His research interests include spatial audio processing with an emphasis on artificial reverberation, synthesis, reproduction, and 6-degrees-of-freedom virtual and mixed reality applications. In particular, his research efforts have been directed towards the intersection of mathematical filter design, efficient algorithms, perceptual aspects, and sound design. Current open and ongoing student projects can be found here.

  • Virtual Room Acoustics
  • Physical Modeling
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Psychoacoustics
  • PhD in Acoustic Signal Processing, 2017

    University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

  • M.Sc. in Digital Music Processing, 2011

    Queen Mary, University of London, UK

  • M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics, 2010

    University of Trier, Germany


Award for High-quality Teaching in the Academic Year 2020-2021
by Tapio Lokki, Sebastian J. Schlecht, Chris Hold and Nils Meyer-Kahlen
The Role of Modal Excitation in Colorless Reverberation
by Janis Heldmann and Sebastian J. Schlecht
Directional Feedback Delay Network
by Benoit Alary, Archontis Politis, Sebastian J. Schlecht and Vesa Välimäki
Optimized velvet-noise decorrelator
by Sebastian J. Schlecht, Benoit Alary, Vesa Välimäki and Emanuël A. P. Habets


Inside the Quartet
Virtual Reality Experience with the Kamus String Quartet
Space Walk
Visit the solar system in VR for Oculus Quest
Feedback Delay Network Toolbox (FDNTB)
Matlab Toolbox for Artificial Reverberation
Remote / Displaced
Ars Electronica Garden Espoo/Helsinki - Collaboration with quietSpeaker
Light Train
A VR shadow play - A three day build for Oculus Quest
Out of Body
A contemplative VR study on self-perception - Collaboration with Moss Beynon Juckes
Reverberation Enhancement Systems
Reverberation Enhancement Systems (RES) alter the acoustic of a physical space via controlled electro-acoustic feedback.
Light Design
Interactive Stage Light Concepts and Builds with Joda Foerster
Reproduce In Code
This is a collection of posts which aims at reproducing plots and data from papers.